*ADAPTER / CONVERSION STUD 14×1.25-12×1.5* 78mm Black Bullet Nose Stud Kit


  • Transition stud to convert 14×1.25 thread to 12×1.5 thread to more versatile nut options
  • Great for F-Chassis BMW and Late Model Mini
  • Great for 14×1.25 wheel applications with small lug holes (XXR, STR, etc.)
  • Manufactured to meet ISO/TS and TÜV standards
  • Fast start nut installation
  • 14×1.25 Thread into the hub and 12×1.5 out towards the wheel
  • Made in Europe
  • Bullet Nose. OEM Style Black Zinc Finish
  • Allen Key insert for easy install
  • 10.9 grade hardness
  • 78mm Studs will accept up to a 20mm spacer
  • Torque to 90ft/lbs
  • Please ensure you get at least 6.5 turns when tightening/torquing

Each kit comes complete for your vehicle (4-wheels)

Standard Nut Options

MH Racing Nut Options

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