64mm Silver Stud Kit 14×1.5


  • 14×1.5 Thread
  • Made in Europe
  • 10.9 Grade hardness
  • Silver Zinc finish
  • Allen Key insert for easy install
  • 64mm studs can accept up to a 15mm spacer
  • Each kit comes complete for your vehicle (4-wheels)

Standard Nut Options

– All nuts are open ended
– 17mm Nuts are standard for torque up to 105ftlbs
– 19mm Nuts are for high Durability and/or Torque up to 150ftlbs. Fits most OEM and Name brand wheels. Customer can verify by testing 19mm thin wall socket into wheel lug hole.

MH Racing Nut Options

SAVE NOW! Add MH Titan Race Nuts to your Stud Kit
– 17mm Hex Standard – For OEM and Aftermarket wheels with smaller diameter lug holes. Maximum Torque Value is 105ftlbs.
– 19mm HIGH TORQUE – For OEM wheels and Aftermarket wheels that take 19mm Hex and for High Torque values up to 150ftlbs.